In this era of free trade, all manufacturers have to relentlessly focus on process efficiencies to stay competitive and profitable. Intelligent use of Information Technology leads to significant competitive advantage and the ultimate goal of customer delight.

Web based ERP enables Apparel manufacturers to save lot of time: automatic and effective communication; avoid duplication of work; timely information sharing, instant alerts and reminders before any untoward events resulting in timely completion of work; and customer satisfaction resulting in more orders and revenue.

ERP Solutions

About the Product:

Warehouse-ERP is an ERP solution designed to help garment manufacturers align to competitive market requirements by achieving cutting edge automation and it is the best-in-class software for garment manufacturers enabling cycle time reduction, improve material management. Customer service is improved through immediate confirmation of stock availability and processing of orders.

Warehouse-ERP offers very distinct features than other apparel manufacturing software does since it has been designed to address problems faced by the industry and not just achieve the simplistic goal of automation. The integrated software covers every aspect of the apparel manufacturing process.

Product Description:

What is ERP � Manufacturing has been logically divided into several modules. These modules can either be implemented individually or in conjunction with any other module. This modular approach allows companies to structure the software as per their requirements and to keep adding features.